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Happy Easter on the front line!

03 may 2024


On the eve of the bright Easter holiday, volunteers had the opportunity to visit our brave soldiers on the front lines.

Thanks to the sincere help of caring people, we were able to bring them delicious homemade 🍲 dishes, Easter eggs, eggs and other treats to bring them a little closer to home🏡 and give them a feeling of coziness and unity.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in the collection of aid: who prepared food, baked Easter, collected funds, bought food and helped with transportation!

We express our special gratitude to: Stancha Dina, Muntyan Vasyl, Muntyan Anatoly, Tikha Svitlana, Inna Tsyganescu, Russu Onorina, Pasat Dorica, Knyagnytskyi Marcel, Toaka Natalia, Dugan Alyona, Papuk Artem, Cheban Olivia, as well as students, parents and staff of Kostychanivskyi, Vanchikovetskyi and Tarasovets Lyceum.

Your generosity and sincerity warmed the hearts♥️ of our defenders, gave them smiles and a feeling of support.

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦 Glory to the heroes!