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14 973personpopulation

170км²community area

7villagesconsisting of community

History of creation

Vanchykovets village united territorial community was formed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Voluntary Association of Territorial Communities" due to the union of three village councils: Vanchykovets (Vanchykivtsi, Vanchynets), Kostychanivska (Kostychany, Dumeny, Novoivankivtsi) and Cherlenivska the village of Cherlenivka).

 In October 2020, during the local elections, the following village councils joined the Vanchykovets community: Tarasovets village council, Forosnyansk village council, Zhylivka village council and Shcherbynets village council. The powers of the new council, deputies and village head of the eighth convocation began on December 7, 2020 at the first organizational session convened by the head of the Vanchykovets village territorial election commission - Pasat Vasyl Mykolayovych. 26 deputies were elected according to the proportional electoral system with open electoral lists. The territory of the community was divided into three large constituencies.

Community today

The territory of the community borders:

In the north - Klishkovets community

In the south - Romania and the Prut River

In the west - Novoselytsia community

In the east - Mamalyhiv community.

 The educational needs of the community population are met by 4 institutions of general secondary education of 1-3 levels: Kostychany Lyceum, Vanchykivtsi Lyceum, Cherlenivka Lyceum, Tarasovets Lyceum, where are more than 850 children study. The community is also the founder of 4 kindergartens:

"Stelutsa" (Nursery-kindergarten) Kostychany village, "Fluerash"(kindergarten) in the village of Vanchykivtsi, "Zolota Rybka" (kindergarten) in the village of Cherlenivka, Tarasivtsi kindergarten "Floricica", which are attended by 300 preschoolers. Vanchikovets support institution includes: Sherbuntsi gymnasium, Forosna gymnasium and Zhylivska NVK.

 The community also took over the Kalinka Children's Health Camp, the Novoselytsia Interschool Training and Production Complex, and the Kostychany Music School with branches in Vanchykivtsi and Cherlenivka.

Support of our defenders

Since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation, our community began to actively support our defenders, in cooperation with local volunteers and simply caring residents of the community, organized the delivery and humanitarian aid front.



As of December 1, 2021persons of all

2608 Vanchykivtsi

3157 Kostychany

2307 Cherlenivka

4830 Tarasivtsi

598 Jhylivka

821 Forosna

652 Shcerbyntsi

Demographic characteristics

52 %

Women 6430

44 %

Men 5464


201 under 14 years old
215 14-18 years old
Territory and resources


km² Community area


Settlements in the composition


UAH million Annual budget


Institutions on the balance of the community
Supported by the community

school 4

General educational institutions of I-III degree

castle 3

General educational institutions of I-II degree

fort 7

Preschool educational institutions

location_city 7

Cultural institutions

Our team

Community structure

Community Council

Village starosty


The main economic components

The vast majority of the population is employed in agriculture and its processing. The basis of employment is work in secondary schools, preschools and private enterprises. There are industrial enterprises, sawmills in Cherlenivka, Tarasivka, bakeries, a brick factory in Cherlenivka, private crafts such as making doors and windows, forges, as well as shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and more.

The Lviv Ukrzaliznytsia railway connection and the Chernivtsi-Larga international connection (Moldova) pass through the territory of the community. The main road is the H10 Chisinau-Chernivtsi highway.

The agricultural sector of Vanchykovets community specializes in crop and livestock production. There are several farms in the community.

The main budget-generating revenues to the budget of community are local taxes and fees (41%), income tax, personal income tax (58%). On January 1, 2021, Vanchykovets Village Council switched to direct inter-budgetary relations with the state budget of Ukraine, another budget-generating factor was the personal income tax (60% of the total).


19 december 2021Sports ground Cherlenivka village

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Solar power plant "Ekotechnik-Tarasivtsi"

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12 july 2021Sports park in the Forosna village

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06 may 2024Commemoration of Heroes: memorial plaques to fallen soldiers were installed in the Vanchikivtsi community.

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05 may 2024Happy Easter!

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03 may 2024Happy Easter on the front line!

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